Interview with Richard Stiennon

As you may already know, we are very interested in IT Security in general, and Cyber Warfare in specific. We are also a member of several LinkedIn groups on these topics such as the Cyber Warfare Forum Initiative (CWFI, now CSFI), and this is where we met Richard Stiennon. Richard is an industry analyst and the author of an upcoming book on Cyber Warfare called “Surviving Cyber War“. 

He is lauded by many of his peers as being an authority on all things related to Cyber Warfare (or Cyber Security as it is now called), something which we can attest to, having shared many discussions with this man. He is a keynote speaker at many conventions and has recently done an interview at SecureLexicon, which we greatly enjoyed listening to and would like to share with you.

Richard covers the following topics in this podcast

  • The face of modern cyber warfare
  • The development of Cyber Command teams in other countries and what US can do to follow suit
  • The cyber espionage threat facing the Federal Government
  • Aspect of the conflict of the Google-China incident that serve as a case study for future attacks
  • Actions that small organizations and individuals can take to deal with the threat

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